World Health Day 2023: Supporting Health For All

Image to raise awareness of the good work of the World Health Organisation over 75 years


In our mission to improve lives, Porterhouse Medical is proud to support World Health Day . Observed on the 7 April 2023, the day was created by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness of priority health issues.

This World Health Day, the WHO is celebrating 75 years of campaigning to improve public health. Take a look at a timeline of their good work over the years, here:

Public health milestones through the years (

However, we should not forget that the world is still an unequal place with many people living in a landscape of poverty and disease – a situation exacerbated by many factors including; the COVID-19 pandemic, war and climate change.

The day is an opportunity to applaud and support the WHO in their continued quest to tackle global health challenges, and to raise awareness that urgent action is needed to keep the world safe and achieve health and well-being for everyone, wherever they are.

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