The Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group (MAG) – Deploying clinical experience and insight to gain maximum impact

The Porterhouse MAG comprises a team of in-house medical doctors and pharmacists. Our specialist group offers first-hand clinical and community experience to colleagues and clients, adding value by providing insight into what resonates with fellow healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, and how best to leave a lasting impact on prospective prescribers.

Our doctors have the experience of years of close collaboration with prescribing colleagues and many hours spent dealing with multiple patient profiles, gaining a deep understanding of what HCPs and patients are looking for in new therapies.

Our clinical and community pharmacists are familiar with working in multi -disciplinary teams, managing formulary lists, and the minutiae of the prescription process. They can provide practical advice from the patient perspective, including barriers to adherence, managing multiple treatments, and avoiding problematic polypharmacy. They also offer a unique perspective of the caregiver’s role, having worked closely with patients and their families, especially when managing chronic disease.

The potential impact of the materials that Porterhouse produces for clients is far-reaching, with significant benefits for patients through their interactions with HCPs – and the MAG aims to ensure this is carried out to maximum effect.

“The Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group helps us understand our client challenges from a clinical perspective.”
Jon Hallows, Joint Founder of Porterhouse Medical.

Beth Wynne-Evans, Part 1 FRCPath, MBBS, PGCE, BSc, Head of the Medical Advisory Group  explains explains some of the benefits that the MAG brings to clients …