Introducing the members of the Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group

Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group


Porterhouse is pleased to announce that the Medical Advisory Group (MAG) has grown, adding further real-world clinical experience and insights from medical doctors to the creation of powerful medical communications programmes.

We are delighted to introduce the founder and members of this expert team as follows:

Founder: Beth Wynne-Evans, Medical Advisor and Senior Medical Writer at Porterhouse Medical

Beth is the inspiration behind the MAG. She graduated from St Bartholomew’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2001 and worked as a pathologist in the NHS until 2015. Her extensive experience as a clinician enables her to bring unique insights to project conceptualisation and execution.

Natasha Daoud, Medical Writer at Porterhouse Medical

Natasha is a fully qualified medical doctor, with MBChB Medicine and BSc Biochemistry qualifications from the University of Bristol. Natasha has undertaken volunteering work in China and Peru, and completed her medical elective in Nepal, where she worked in a primary healthcare centre in Kathmandu. She therefore has invaluable experience of healthcare systems in different cultural environments.

Suzanne Brunt, Medical Writer at Porterhouse Medical

Suzanne has a medical degree from the University of Southampton and has worked in a variety of medical specialties, including general medicine; obstetrics and gynaecology; psychiatry; ear, nose and throat; and palliative care. Her patient-centric experience working as a general practitioner adds insight to her role in the scientific services team. Additionally, Suzanne has worked as a freelance content editor, which, combined with her medical knowledge, makes her an asset to the MAG.

Rosalie Sykes, Associate Medical Writer at Porterhouse Medical

Rosalie is the latest member of the MAG. She graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand, with a BSc in pharmacology and an MBChB. After this, she worked in hospitals in the Auckland region for three years across a range of medical specialties, before training and working as a general practitioner for 18 months in Whangarei and Auckland. We look forward to the insights that Rosalie will be able to bring to the MAG with her clinician perspective and experience.

This focused resource of in-house medical doctors allows specialist experience to be offered to colleagues and clients alike. At Porterhouse, we are committed to the concept of adding value to communications through tailored insights into real-world behaviours, and the MAG is another outstanding example of this.

If you would like more information about the Medical Advisory Group and the outstanding scientific solutions delivered by our expert team, please contact or visit