World Cancer Day 2020

World Cancer Day 2020

4 February 2020

This year, World Cancer Day marks the halfway point of the three-year ‘I Am and I Will’campaign, which calls for individuals to make a long-lasting commitment to change the future of the cancer landscape.  As heroes of their own story, individuals are encouraged to tell the world who they are and what they will do to promote a change in cancer outcomes [1].Today, individuals and communities around the world are invited to raise their collective voice and take personal action to show their support for a healthier future.

Porterhouse Medical is joining this initiative by sharing stark facts about the global impact of cancer and highlighting the benefits of early diagnosis.

The global impact of cancer and the benefits of early diagnosis

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, with 9.6 million people dying each year; this number is expected to almost double by 2030. Up to 70% of these cancer deaths occur in developing countries because of a lack of awareness and resources to diagnose and manage cancer. In fact, 90% of low- to middle-income countries do not even have access to radiotherapy [2].

Even in developed countries, inequalities can lead to disparities in cancer outcomes. With the recent finding that a third of common cancers are preventable, education is paramount to ensure incidence rates fall [1]. The early diagnosis of cancer can also save lives, and strategies are urgently needed to increase awareness of cancer symptoms.

The impact of early diagnosis is exemplified by UK data that showed that the survival rates of eight common cancers (bladder, bowel, breast, cervical, womb, ovarian and testicular cancer, and malignant melanoma) tripled when diagnosed in the early stages compared with in the late stages [3].

The World Cancer Day initiative aims to boost these positive statistics; the goal of the campaign is to save millions of lives by improving global awareness, encouraging education, and harnessing positive, collective and government action. The Union for International Cancer Control – the organisation behind World Cancer Day – believes that everybody has the right to access essential cancer services, no matter where they live in the world.

Porterhouse Medical and cancer

At Porterhouse Medical, we are proud to add our voice in support of World Cancer Day to improve awareness and reduce the global burden of cancer. For over 17 years, we have been supporting our partners to deliver compelling programmes for treatments that tackle solid cancers and leukaemia. Some of our team have prior laboratory experience in cancer drug discovery and preclinical work, and others are medical doctors who have previously supported patients who have cancer. As a team, we strive to ultimately improve the lives of patients through our communications.

Today, there will be hundreds of activities and events taking place across the world to inspire a change in behaviour and drive improvements in cancer diagnosis and care. Please join us in spreading the word and communicating the fantastic efforts of all those involved.

#WorldCancerDay #IAmAndIWill

World Cancer Day 2020
Erica, Medical Writer at Porterhouse shines a light on cancer and the importance of early diagnosis


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