Enthusiasm, versatility and expertise pay off in Porterhouse’s scientific services team


We’re on a role! Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to announce another promotion this month. Congratulations to Suzanne Brunt, who has been promoted to Medical Writer in our global scientific services team.

Having started her medical writing career on a key account in haematology, Suzanne quickly showed her readiness to get involved, working hard to support her colleagues on a variety of different projects. More recently, Suzanne has been honing her writing skills in the rare disease field, where she has demonstrated her versatility and ability to juggle multiple projects.

Suzanne has also joined the Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group, which enables her to give insights from her first-hand experience as a medical doctor to clients and colleagues. Additionally, she has written several excellent articles for the Porterhouse website, raising awareness for important health issues and contributing to our mission to improve people’s lives.

Congratulations, Suzanne!

At Porterhouse Medical Group, all of our medical writers have a solid scientific background, allowing them to quickly get to grips with new products, understand and develop key communication objectives, and interpret complex data with accuracy and precision. They combine this with exceptional attention to detail, keen commercial thinking and a sound understanding of pharmaceutical codes of practice.

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