Porterhouse proudly pose in purple for World Pancreatic Cancer Day

At Porterhouse Medical, we are passionate about the work we do with our partners to help improve people’s lives, which includes using our communications expertise to help raise awareness of disease symptoms as well as regular donations to charity.

Pancreatic cancer is the fifth biggest cancer killer in the UK and early diagnosis in time for surgery is critical for improving survival rates. At present, pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of 5% – the lowest survival rate of all types of cancer. Yet, despite this poor prognosis, pancreatic cancer receives only 3% of overall cancer research funding.

Therefore, at Porterhouse, we are keen to not only raise money to help fund research in this area, but also to raise awareness about the symptoms of this disease to allow it to be caught as early as possible and improve the chances of survival.

Please see the infographic below for further statistics about pancreatic cancer and common symptoms to watch out for:

World Pancreatic Cancer Day

For World Pancreatic Cancer Day, the team at Porterhouse dressed in purple and baked delicious cupcakes to raise money for Cancer Research UK’s pancreatic cancer fund.

The money raised will go towards making progress in one of the biggest research challenges Cancer Research UK are currently facing. The aim is to find better ways to detect and treat pancreatic cancer and ultimately improve survival rates.

A special thanks to Emily and Alice for all their efforts in organising the day and to the rest of the team for taking part. Your contributions are much appreciated!