Porterhouse Medical launches Porterhouse Insights: a global strategic Insight and Research consultancy for pharmaceutical clients

Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to announce the launch of Porterhouse Insights, a global strategic research, insight and evidence consultancy, offering nimble and agile solutions to global biopharmaceutical companies. It will be led by Fabrice Allum, an experienced insight professional.

In conversation with Jon Hallows (JH; Joint Managing Director of Porterhouse Medical Group) and Fabrice Allum (FA; Managing Director of Porterhouse Insights):

Q: So why Porterhouse Insights?

JH: Since Brian and I set up Porterhouse Medical in 2002, we have always looked at how best to meet the evolving needs of our clients by developing our services to meet those needs. Offering insight was an area that we felt would be of great benefit to them.

FA: I’ve worked in the global strategic market research space in a variety of pharma agencies over the last 20 years or so, and my experience of these different environments has led me to conclude that nimble agencies are best placed to meet the changing insight needs of clients. Adding my expertise to the award-winning work that Porterhouse Medical has been doing with clients felt like a great fit.

Q: How can you better meet the needs of clients?

FA: Pharma is at a crossroads as companies look to evolve their business models. Cross-functional working that involves genuine collaboration needs to become the norm in order to maximise knowledge sharing and efficiencies; agencies that reflect this shift will be better able to support clients in this evolution.

JH: Agencies that can identify challenges and provide tangible solutions to clients in a nimble and agile manner will be the agencies of the future. At Porterhouse Medical, we believe we can offer smarter medical communications by leveraging these research and insight services, as well as providing focused strategies through Porterhouse Insights as a stand-alone practice in its own right, with collaboration at the heart of what we do internally and externally.

Q: And on a personal level?

JH: We are always looking to work with talented individuals; the team we have grown reflects our values to hire and develop the best people. From the very beginning, the conversations Fabrice and I had clearly converged in terms of our values and what we might be able to do together for our pharma clients.

FA: My career has taken me to a variety of senior roles and agency environments. Recent reflections on what I enjoyed most during that journey led me to the conclusion that I needed to get back to addressing challenges for clients through the application of nimble and agile research. I realised that I thrive on building teams and collaborating with clients on generating actionable insights; at Porterhouse Insights, we are passionate about doing just that.

Q: And what did you want to be as a child?

JH: I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid and then a policeman, and who knows, maybe one day I could be the first member of an elite space police squad!

FA: I actually wanted to be an oceanographer, inspired by the films of Jacques Cousteau (I even went as far as studying marine chemistry for my degree at the University of Liverpool), before deciding that laboratory work was not for me

About Porterhouse Insights Ltd

Porterhouse Insights is a global strategic research, insight and evidence consultancy for global biopharmaceutical companies.

Areas of expertise include:

• Identifying unmet needs • Market understanding • Opportunity assessments • Attribute prioritisation • Scenario planning • Demand estimation • Patient journey mapping • Positioning • Pricing • Payor insights •

About Porterhouse Medical Group (Est. 2002)

Porterhouse Medical Group is a scientific and medical communications network with a reputation for excellence. Our in-house teams of carefully selected scientific staff, account managers, events and creatives work hard to deliver imaginative and intelligent communication solutions for a growing number of global pharmaceutical partners based in Europe and the US.

We have cultivated a unique mix of scientific expertise, creativity and industry knowledge to ensure that our scientific and medical communications stand out from the rest. This, combined with truly outstanding client service, allows us to continually exceed the expectations of our clients. And of course, our work is underpinned by the research of our agile Insights team, which is generating actionable insights for our clients across the product lifecycle. It all contributes to our vision of ‘smarter’ medical communications, with outstanding tactical delivery against crystal-clear strategies.

Our services include:

• Medical writing • Publication planning • Insights • Creative • Events • Strategy • Health economics • Market access •


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