Reflection on my internship at Porterhouse Insights

A photo of female intern at Porterhouse Insights and a positive statement about her internship


My internship at Porterhouse Insights exceeded my expectations in every way. I developed crucial research skills, gained experience of a wide range of client projects and worked alongside an exceptionally talented and friendly team.

From my first week I was working on real-world projects, with guidance and support from the Insights team. The opportunity to work on a range of qualitative and quantitative projects meant I learned a range of research methodologies and in turn developed greater understanding of numerous disease areas. I was exposed to various facets of the evidence-based research consultancy that Porterhouse Insights carries out; each project was unique and challenged me to think critically, continuously learn and develop, and problem-solve to provide actionable insights for clients.

I particularly enjoyed working from start to finish on a project concerning an antifungal treatment. This involved client interaction, the development of project materials and communication with external analysts. This allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of project set-up. I found it very satisfying to then interpret and analyse the data produced, which ultimately led to me creating a report and observing the presentation of key findings to the client.

Alongside contributing to ongoing research projects, I explored novel avenues for the company to explore such as implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and alternative research theories and methodologies. It was incredibly interesting to develop an in-depth knowledge of AI, especially as it’s a current topic of great significance and a rapidly evolving technology. I discussed and presented my findings to the team, recommending specialised software solutions with the aim of expanding the company’s capabilities and creating cost-efficient, time-effective solutions.

During my internship, my technical skills also vastly improved and developed. I became proficient in using research tools and software such as Displayr and Recollective. One of my most significant takeaways from my time at Porterhouse Insights was the development of my ability to interpret large data sets in Microsoft Excel and analyse the data to form a story for the client. Additionally, something I have always struggled with is creating visually appealing content, which was key when generating client reports, presentations, and project proposals. Through studying previous projects for inspiration and participating in a data visualisation workshop run by one of the team, I’ve greatly improved this skill and I am far more confident in my abilities.

The supportive and friendly work culture at Porterhouse Insights was amazing. From team lunches to work socials, the focus on positive work culture made it a joy to work at the company. The mentorship and support from my colleagues were excellent because not only were they knowledgeable but also incredibly patient and supportive. They took the time to explain to me and guide me through project methodologies and provided constructive feedback on my work.

With tight project deadlines and evolving client needs, my time at Porterhouse Insights taught me the importance of adaptability and resilience. I learned to manage my time effectively and prioritise tasks, which will undoubtedly serve me well in the future. I am incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunity and relationships I formed during the internship, and I’m looking forward to returning to Porterhouse Insights in a permanent role once I’ve completed my master’s degree.