Our commitment to supporting the Porterhouse family: The ‘Time to Change Employer Pledge’


As a busy, insight-led scientific and medical communications agency network, Porterhouse Medical Group takes regular steps to safeguard the mental well-being of our valued team members. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our latest mental health initiative and announce that we have signed the ‘Time to Change Employer Pledge’, demonstrating our commitment to supporting our colleagues and ending mental health discrimination in the workplace.

Time to Change is a campaign to change the way people think and act about mental health problems.  Signing the employer pledge commits Porterhouse to applying this initiative company-wide through a 12-month action plan, with the aim of achieving lasting cultural change.

For more information on Time to Change, please visit: https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/

The Porterhouse team are very excited about this pledge because:

  • One of our core values is ‘Together as a family, we grow and flourish’ – looking after the well-being of each member of the Porterhouse family has always been a priority for us
  • As the company continues to expand, it will ensure that there are consistent policies that can be applied to all offices, locations and employees
  • It is an opportunity to further open the discussion around mental health as a whole company and challenge the stigma that still exists in the world today
  • It will allow more people to be involved in the discussion and help guide Porterhouse’s approach to supporting the mental health of our employees

To support the action plan and ensure that we are successful in this pledge, Porterhouse is now setting up a group of ‘Time to Change Champions’, which will be led by the company’s Mental Health First Aiders, Becky, Rich and Rose. The aim of this group will be to implement the action plan and focus on changing attitudes, create opportunities to start up conversations about mental health at work, dispel myths, and make it easier for our employees to seek support.

At Porterhouse, our mission is to improve people’s lives – we feel that this should apply not only in the work that we do, but in supporting our own Porterhouse family .

Following recent promotions and new business wins, Porterhouse Medical Group is expanding our globally acclaimed team. If you would like to join a growing agency that values the success and well-being of its employees, please visit  https://www.porterhousemedical.com/careers/ or for more information, please contact Jan Coetzee .