The Porterhouse Intelligence Hub: Our finger on the pulse of the data that will matter to you most


Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to introduce our latest initiative to help keep you at the forefront of the latest developments in your therapy area that may impact your brand: the Porterhouse Intelligence Hub.

The Porterhouse Intelligence Hub is a focused congress and literature surveillance and analysis service from our skilled team of scientific communicators. The Porterhouse Intelligence Hub team cuts through the market noise by scanning all relevant data pools and harnessing the information that is important to you. Our team then turns relevant data into actionable insights that can help inform the key messaging around your brand and its trajectory in the marketplace.

Gema Noguera, Associate Client Services Director at Porterhouse, said, “Clinical research is rapidly evolving, which can make it challenging for our clients to identify and put the latest data releases from congresses and publications into context. This surveillance and analysis service, combined with our team’s strong heritage in science, critical analysis and data interpretation, enables us to provide clients with valuable perspectives and the strategic guidance that they need.”

The Porterhouse Intelligence Hub is part of Porterhouse Medical Group’s insight-led approach to global scientific and medical communications. If you would like to hear more about this service or how our hybrid approach can help you with your next challenge, please contact  or visit .