National Eye Health Week: Our vision really matters

Photo of a dog wearing glasses and sitting at a computer


Our vision really matters!

Good eye health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, which is often taken for granted until problems arise. Our eyes are not only our windows to the world but also critical instruments for experiencing and navigating it. Maintaining good eye health is essential because it directly impacts our daily lives and quality of life. From enjoying the beauty of the world’s landscapes to performing everyday tasks, such as reading, driving, or even recognizing the faces of loved ones, the health of our eyes plays an indispensable role.

This week is National Eye Health Week in the UK, which raises awareness about the importance of maintaining healthy vision, highlighting the significance of regular eye exams and preventive measures. Given our heritage in ophthalmology, Porterhouse is proud to support this campaign and reiterate the importance of looking after your eyes – especially if your work involves lots of reading and screen time.

To start the week, we encourage you to visit the Vision Matters website for more on National Eye Health Week itself, including the following useful learning tools:

We plan to provide more information and resources throughout National Eye Health Week that we hope you will find useful! 😊