My internship at Porterhouse Medical by Owen Dawson


After six straight years of higher education, first a bachelor’s degree then three quarters of a PhD, the question of “what’s next?” is a frequent lodger in your mind. However, after participating in a 3-month internship with Porterhouse Medical, I can say that for me that question is answered. I am going to be a medical writer.

My first week in the Nottingham office went by in a landslide of new names, faces, and Teams meetings. In the following weeks I emerged from the other side being aware of three things. Firstly, I was surrounded by a team of enthusiastic, kind and encouraging people both in my physical office and beyond in the wider Porterhouse family. Secondly, I felt a sense of achievement from this work, so often overlooked in my PhD. The simple joys of completing a project before the deadline, of working and feeling part of a team, and of directly applying all of my education to the task at hand. Finally, I learnt what en dashes are and gained a profound appreciation of alt-codes in all their forms…

My three-month internship with Porterhouse has been a delight. Allowing me to develop skills in presentation design, editing, reviewing literature and written communication which will continue to be useful in the final year of my PhD and beyond. I would recommend an internship with Porterhouse to anyone looking to learn a new way of applying their knowledge from some of the most welcoming co-workers I have had the pleasure to meet.

Porterhouse Pathfinders internship programmes

Porterhouse Medical Group offer a 12-week internship for bright, enthusiastic life-sciences graduates with a passion for science and communication. The successful candidates benefit from the opportunity to experience first-hand the workings of a successful medical communications agency. In addition to gaining experience of industry-specific tools and processes and providing general support to our medical writers and account managers, candidates undertake their own project, guided by a member of our team.

We also offer an internship programme in our research, insights and evidence consultancy, where talented candidates work within our Porterhouse Insights team to learn about and develop the broad, multidisciplinary skill set within the field of insights.

If you would like any more information on our Porterhouse Pathfinders graduate internship programmes, opportunities to join our team or the group services in general, please visit or contact