Celebrating the hard work and dedication of our wonderful Talent Manager


For those who follow Porterhouse Medical Group on social media and keep an eye on the News & Views section of our website, you will be aware that we have experienced rapid growth over the last few months. As well as joining the imc group in August, we saw six new starters across our different teams and three promotions in September alone. In recognition of this, we are delighted to congratulate and thank our wonderful Talent Manager, Jan Coetzee, for all of her hard work in managing and leading the recruitment and personnel development requirements of our global healthcare communications agency.

Since joining Porterhouse 3 years ago, Jan has put a lot of time and energy into recruiting and developing the right people. We believe that it is our people who give the agency its culture and values, and Jan has used her expertise to select candidates who will add to our friendly and collaborative environment. She has been instrumental in the development of our internship programme, Porterhouse Pathfinders, and our new staff training programme, Porterhouse Academy. With her warm heart and charismatic nature, Jan also gets to know each member of the Porterhouse family on a personal level and is always available to support them in their roles and future professional development.

Porterhouse is a happy place to work. We really value our staff and want to provide them with a rewarding and progressive career, both financially and intellectually, in an open environment with flexible and remote working opportunities to promote a good work–life balance.
Our approach to all aspects of our work (including recruitment, training and appraisals) is based around our core values, which are embedded in our daily working lives and form our PATH:

Proud and passionate, we are Porterhouse
A shared spirit of entrepreneurship and ambition
Together as a family, we grow and flourish
Humour and happiness in our working lives

The Porterhouse values also inspire our company mission: ‘Developing a shared vision with our partners to deliver programmes to improve people’s lives’. This reflects the sense of purpose that all members of the Porterhouse family share and also signifies the close bonds we form with our colleagues and clients, no matter where they are located across the globe.

Jon Hallows, Co-founder and Joint Managing Director of Porterhouse Medical Group, commented, “While recognising our need to grow, at Porterhouse we are steadfast in our determination to not lose the strong family culture and the essence of what makes the company a great place to work: our people. Jan has done a tremendous job in maintaining this culture, and she is a much-loved and respected member of the Porterhouse family.”

Porterhouse PATH_core values

If our values and vision match your own and you would like to learn more about opportunities to join our talented team, please visit our careers page or contact the Talent Manager herself: jan.coetzee@porterhousemedical.com.