A new member for the Porterhouse Medical scientific services team

Sarah Brun Bar-Yaacov

Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to welcome Sarah Brun Bar-Yaacov to our scientific services team.

Sarah is highly qualified for her new role as an associate medical writer, with a PhD in virology from the University of Liverpool, an MSc in biomedical sciences from the University of Antwerp and a BSc in molecular biology from the University of Oslo. In addition, she has 18 months of experience working in pharmacovigilance.

Sarah shares our passion for improving people’s lives and our commitment to protecting the environment, and has volunteered for various charities, including those that tackle homelessness, social isolation and food waste problems.

Welcome to the Porterhouse family, Sarah! We are certain that you will be a great asset to the team.

At Porterhouse Medical Group, all of our medical writers have a solid scientific background, allowing them to quickly get to grips with new products, understand and develop key communication objectives, and interpret complex data with accuracy and precision. They combine this with exceptional attention to detail, keen commercial thinking and a sound understanding of pharmaceutical codes of practice.

If you would like details about our globally-acclaimed scientific and medical communications services, please visit www.porterhousemedical.com/solutions or contact mark.walker@porterhousemedical.com.