2020: A year to remember?


It’s certainly a hard one to forget. But despite the hardships that we have all undoubtedly experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic, at Porterhouse Medical Group it has also been an amazing year.

When the coronavirus struck, we were fortunate that we already had the technology and expertise in place to work remotely. We transitioned even before lockdown 1.0 to virtual working, thanks to Jon catching COVID-19 (always rushing into things!).

During lockdown, we still managed to recruit 20 new staff (both in the UK and in the US), opened a new office in Nottingham, and started working with four completely new client companies.

On top of this the business strengthened by becoming part of imc Group, which gives us a much broader range of services, particularly with regard to patient engagement strategies and digital solutions.

We have carried on training and development (albeit virtually) and kept everyone in touch through online socials, town halls, yoga sessions and book clubs.

And thanks to our amazing clients, we have stayed very busy. It was extraordinary to see how quickly all our colleagues in pharma switched over to virtual communications and remote meetings when travel restrictions meant face-to-face events had to be cancelled. And the transition has allowed us, working together, to develop some wonderful new services.
None of this could have happened without the commitment of everyone in the Porterhouse family. Our values have really shone through at such a difficult time and we personally would have found this year a lot more difficult to get through if it hadn’t been for all of our amazing work colleagues.

We are very proud of the versatility and agility of our expert teams, who stepped up to new challenges and mastered new technologies to transform events and keep vital healthcare communications on track.

We hope everyone (valued clients and contacts as well as the Porterhouse family) gets a well-earned rest and the chance to spend time with loved ones over the festive holidays. We’re sure that, like us, you’re very much looking forward to having access to a vaccine in 2021 – an amazing testament to the brilliance and dedication of many thousands of people working in the industry we love. And when we’re all safely immunised against this devastating disease, we look forward to seeing you in person in 2021.

Best wishes for the holiday season!
Jon and Brian