Thinking outside the (pizza) box: The latest Porterhouse family virtual social

Porterhouse pizza-making social


At Porterhouse Medical Group, one of our core values is ‘humour and happiness in our working lives’ and our company socials are a great way to embrace this ethos and come together as a team.

As we are all working from home and our socials are currently virtual, our social team came up with the brilliant idea of organising pizza-making on a company-wide scale from our own homes.  Box, a company specialising in bespoke pizza-making kits, allowed our employees to choose from a delicious range of pizza toppings and delivered the kits to everyone’s front doors. The kits were sent in eco-friendly refrigerated boxes and contained enough fresh dough and toppings to make two pizzas, along with chef hats to add to the fun!

Some of our Porterhouse ‘pizzaiolos’ cooked with their families while many chatted to one another over Zoom as they created their pizza masterpieces; one of our Associate Medical Writers, Joe, really got into the Italian spirit by making his pizzas to the classic ‘Con te partirò’ by Andrea Bocelli.

Not only did this social provide us with lots of fun and delicious pizzas but it was also a good opportunity to support a business that has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to the Porterhouse ‘papas’, Brian and John, for the pizza-making budget and to Erin, Cat and India, who make up our social team, for organising this fun event to brighten our weekends.