The Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group: Deploying clinical experience and insight to gain maximum impact

photo of female employees who are qualified doctors and pharmacists who have formed the Porterhouse MAG


In the rapidly evolving, patient-centric healthcare environment, Porterhouse recognises the need to communicate new scientific and therapeutic content quickly and comprehensively to achieve the greatest impact for our clients.

The potential influence of the materials that we produce is far-reaching, with significant benefits for patients through their interactions with HCPs. To maximise these benefits for our clients, we established the Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group (MAG) – a focused resource of in-house medical doctors and pharmacists who offer a specialist experience to colleagues and clients based on a thorough understanding of client challenges from a clinical and community perspective.

 Key benefits

  • First-hand real-world experience of being on the receiving end of pharmaceutical industry sales and training initiatives helps the MAG to tailor projects to the target audience.
  • True strategic partners​. Optimising the durability of the impact of materials on stakeholders, based on a profound understanding of what HCPs and patients are looking for.
  • Immediate clinical sounding board. The MAG’s innate breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple disease areas and multi-disciplinary teams, enables well-informed initial discussions, as well as those at the more in-depth stage of a project. 
  • The ability to translate scientific and clinical information into compelling narratives in a language that resonates powerfully with HCPs and patients, ensuring key messages leave a lasting impression.
  • Close collaboration with prescribing colleagues and the many hours spent dealing with multiple patient types, means the MAG can provide practical advice from the patient perspective, including barriers to adherence, managing multiple treatments, and avoiding problematic polypharmacy – a key benefit in behaviour changing communications.
  • Valuable insights gained from experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, managing formulary lists and the minutiae of the prescription process.​

At Porterhouse, we are committed to the concept of adding value to communications through tailored insights into real world behaviours, and the MAG is another outstanding example of this.

The Porterhouse MAG provides an exciting opportunity to deploy clinical experience and insight to take your vision forward!

If you would like more information on the Medical Advisory Group and the outstanding scientific solutions delivered by our expert team, please get in touch: