As part of our mission to help improve people’s lives, Porterhouse adopts a local charity to fundraise for each year. For 2017, we are very happy to announce that the charity we will be supporting is SportsAble.

As its name would suggest, SportsAble is dedicated to supporting disabled people through sport and social activities. With the aid of special sporting facilities, they help individuals to take control of their lives and to become more active and able as they strive towards personal and sporting goals. Many members have successfully reported an improved level of health, and feel their lives have been transformed from social exclusion to having a sense of belonging and purpose once again.

However, the rates of disability are increasing, which is due to population ageing, the worldwide rise in chronic health conditions and growing global conflict. A staggering 6.9 million people in the UK are disabled – 17% are born with a disability and 83% will acquire a disability through an illness or accident.

Limited funds mean that vital care services are being taken away from disabled people, who are more vulnerable, isolated and lost than ever before. As such, we felt that SportsAble would be a very worthwhile cause to support. The charity’s mission is to provide opportunities for disabled people and in a fun and friendly community, so we felt that their values sat well with some of Porterhouse’s own company values of ambition, family and happiness.

The decision to support this charity has been met with great enthusiasm by the Porterhouse team. Despite New Year’s resolutions to diet, the Porterhouse tuck shop is well stocked once again and the funds will be donated to SportsAble. We are looking forward to a team-building day at the charity’s centre in Maidenhead, competing in ‘The Hilton Corporate Challenge’ – which is taking place as part of the Reading Half Marathon in March 2017 -and planning many fundraising activities: including other sports events, pub quizzes and, most importantly, bake sales!

We are excited to be supporting SportsAble this year and hope our fundraising efforts will make a difference to this great local cause. If you would like to read more about the charity and their members’ stories, please visit