Recognising dedication and performance at Porterhouse

Photos of all Porterhouse Medical Employees who were promoted between July and November 2023


At Porterhouse Medical, we are committed to the ongoing professional and personal development of our teams. Our global medical communications agency plays a pivotal role in disseminating the latest healthcare information, and we recognise that would not be able to do this without our talented people who consistently deliver high-quality work.

We are therefore delighted to acknowledge our top performers over the last three months and announce 16 promotions across our senior and junior staff in scientific and client services.

Congratulations and thank you to all for your dedication and amazing contribution to the company!

By rewarding excellence with promotions, our company not only invests in progression of our employees, but also enhances our capacity to deliver valuable information to both medical professionals and the public – ultimately contributing to the advancement of medical science and the well-being of individuals worldwide.