Porterhouse Medical gets on the right track to reducing its carbon footprint

With the easing of pandemic travel restrictions, Porterhouse teams are weighing up the pros and cons of engaging with clients via virtual meetings versus spending quality time in real-life, face-to-face meetings.
Our Environmental and Sustainability Committee calculated that over half of our carbon footprint as a company has traditionally come from air travel to global client events and meetings. However, we recognise that reducing our carbon footprint is the right thing to do for the planet.
So, earlier this month, our Business Development Director, Mark Walker, took the decision to travel by train rather than flying to mainland Europe, which he calculated would reduce the carbon footprint of his journey from Kingham, England, to Basel, Switzerland, by approximately 90%.(https://calculator.carbonfootprint.com)
Mark said that (with a bit of planning) the journey was manageable and, with free Wi-Fi, refreshments and generous leg room, was very comfortable. Mark believes that clients really do appreciate face-to face meetings as they can be more productive and a more natural way of connecting, which is especially important as our industry is all about people!
Would he do it again? Mark says he’s booked his next trip already!