Medical expertise and clinical insights lead to another promotion at Porterhouse

Rosalie Sykes_Medical Writer


Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to announce another recent promotion within our globally acclaimed scientific services team, with Rosalie Sykes being promoted to the role of Medical Writer.

Rosalie joined Porterhouse at the end of 2019 with a BSc in pharmacology and an MBChB from the University of Otago, New Zealand. She has brought valuable experience across a range of medical specialties to her role, which she gained from working in hospitals in the Auckland region over a period of 3 years and from working as a general practitioner for 18 months in Whangarei and Auckland. Rosalie’s medical expertise has allowed her to provide real-world clinical insights to her own client projects and to those of her colleagues. As a result, she is a highly valued member of the team who has worked on a variety of projects and made important contributions to the activities of the Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group (MAG), such as writing for the MAG blog.

Congratulations, Rosalie, on your well-deserved promotion! We look forward to watching your career continue to progress within the Porterhouse family.

At Porterhouse Medical Group, all of our medical writers have a solid scientific background, allowing them to quickly get to grips with new products, understand and develop key communication objectives, and interpret complex data with accuracy and precision. They combine this with exceptional attention to detail and keen commercial thinking to deliver creative, impactful solutions that are scientifically sound and compliant with all relevant codes of practice.

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