Celebrating a well-earned promotion in Porterhouse’s scientific services team


Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to announce that Lucy Liveston has been promoted to the role of Senior Medical Writer.

Lucy joined our scientific services team in October 2019 with a master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Strathclyde and 18 months professional experience working as a community pharmacist. At Porterhouse, Lucy has been doing a brilliant job at leading a wide range of projects for a key client – she knows all of her projects inside out and uses her fantastic organisational skills to ensure that her work is always completed on time to a high standard. More recently, Lucy has taken on a new client and product and has successfully coordinated the mammoth task of developing an interactive document covering key data from a large number of competitors. Lucy is an integral part of the team, with her calm attitude, willingness to jump in and help whenever needed, and her first-hand experience from her time working as a pharmacist, which adds valuable insights to our scientific and medical communications.

In addition to her project work, Lucy has always made time to support life at Porterhouse. She is a long-serving member of the Charity Committee, and her passion for helping others has led to the organisation of numerous successful fundraising activities here at Porterhouse. She also makes vital contributions to Porterhouse’s Environmental Group and as a ABPI Compliance Champion.

Congratulations on your well-earned promotion and thank you for all your hard work as a member of the Porterhouse family, Lucy!

At Porterhouse Medical Group, all members of our teams have a solid scientific or commercial background, allowing them to quickly get to grips with new products, understand and develop key communication objectives, and interpret complex data with accuracy and precision. They combine this with exceptional attention to detail and keen commercial thinking to deliver creative, impactful solutions that are scientifically sound and compliant with all relevant codes of practice.

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