Announcing the charity partner of the Porterhouse Medical Group for 2018…

Charity: Willows Support Group

Each year, Porterhouse Medical chooses a local charity to support as a key part of our mission to improve people’s lives. In 2017, we partnered up with SportsAble, an organisation that supports people with disabilities through sports and social activities ( We raised a total of £2,544 through numerous events, such as a team-building day at the centre run by SportsAble in Maidenhead, and the SportsAble Static Wheelchair Push Challenge at our offices in Reading. This year, we are proud to announce that we will be raising funds for another admirable local charity: The Willows Support Group.

The Willows Support Group is formed of people in the Reading area who have suffered the loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. At this time, parents often find themselves feeling alone and helpless, and the Willows Support Group gives people a safe environment to process their grief. In monthly meetings of the group, bereaved parents can share their stories and connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. The group also raises funds for memorial services for lost babies, and for the upkeep of the baby memorial garden at Caversham Crematorium in Reading.

The Willows Support Group is devoted to providing support and empathy to those who have lost a baby, and encourages people to get together to find comfort in each other. These ideas are aligned with our core values at Porterhouse that focus on the importance of family, togetherness and happiness. We are passionate about promoting awareness and raising funds for important causes, and we feel that the Willows Support Group is a highly deserving charity. To find out more about the work that they do, please visit