#WorldHealthDay: ‘Depression: Let’s talk’ – raising awareness in the workplace

Porterhouse Medical prides itself on being a company that works together as a family, with humour and happiness instilled in all that we do.

We recognise that depression is an illness that can affect anyone, at any time. With this in mind, we have registered as a Mindful Employer (www.mindfulemployer.net), which involves the voluntary signing of the Charter for employers who are positive about mental health. The Charter sets out the concept that employers recognise the difficulties faced by those with mental health issues in the workplace, and highlights the steps that should be taken to provide equal opportunities, create a happy and comfortable working environment, and offer non-judgemental support for those experiencing poor mental health.

In February 2017, Porterhouse also arranged an in-house mental health awareness training day with the charity MIND (www.mind.org.uk) to increase awareness of depression in the workplace and to provide guidance on how to support colleagues who may be experiencing mental health issues.

As a busy, fast-paced agency, Porterhouse understands the need to create a positive working atmosphere in which our employees feel valued and supported. With this in mind, we brought in our LOVE (Living Our Values Every Day) awards, which allows employees to nominate their peers for demonstrating our values. Nominees receive a small cash prize to acknowledge their efforts, and the background to their award is highlighted to the whole company in a weekly email.

However, it’s not just all work and no play! We understand that employees need a good work–life balance and the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. We organise monthly social events to help keep the Porterhouse community well connected and promote togetherness.

With a company purpose statement that focuses on improving people’s lives, Porterhouse is happy to support World Health Day and the World Health Organization by helping raise awareness for this year’s campaign, ‘Depression: Let’s talk’.