The Porterhouse family enjoys festive fun and fundraising


It’s a busy, festive time at Porterhouse Medical Group and many of the Porterhouse family got together to enjoy a celebratory lunch. It was lovely to see so many of the team face-to-face and much fun was had by all who could make it – with many of the team continuing the party until late into the night (and even the early hours of the morning for some 😊)

However, as the Porterhouse Medical Group teams are located across the globe, with the aim of keeping us all connected and to continue to lift ‘the spirits’ of our teams, our social team have organised a cocktail-making social. All participants will have a cocktail-making kit of their choice delivered to their home and be able to join a video call where everyone can embrace their inner cocktail mixologist before enjoying their boozy creations together! (Mocktail options are also available.)

Our charity committee are also making the most of the festive period by running a ‘12 days of Christmas’ themed raffle to raise money for one of our charity partners Rainbow’s Hospice for Children and Young People which does exceptional work providing care and support to children affected by devastating disease, and their families. Good luck to all those taking part!

A big thank you to our social team, our charity team and all involved in organising these fun and festive events and helping us live one of our core values of ‘humour and happiness it our working lives’. Cheers! 😊