Porterhouse adds additional scientific expertise to its Client Services team

Paula Barburas

Porterhouse Medical Group is delighted to announce that we have strengthened our Client Services team with the appointment of Paula Barburas.

Paula is a recent graduate from UCL, having graduated with an MSci in Pharmacology; where she gained in depth understanding of general and systematic pharmacology with a focus on immunopharmacology and neuropharmacology. During her Masters, Paula investigated neural satiation pathways, wanting to provide a better insight into our understanding of the role of the CNS in satiation.

In addition, to her scientific qualifications, Paula nourished her creative side at UCL joining the Writer’s Society where she became President in 2017-2018. She also gained valuable communications experience in the marketing department of a biotechnology company in 2018.

Paula joins our global team as an Account Executive where, with her skills and experience, she will be a great asset in client services, adding to our scientific expertise. We are thrilled to welcome Paula to the Porterhouse family!

At Porterhouse, all members of our team have a solid scientific background, allowing them to quickly get to grips with new products, understand and develop key communication objectives, and interpret complex data with accuracy and precision. They combine this with exceptional attention to detail and keen commercial thinking to deliver creative, impactful solutions that are scientifically sound and compliant with all relevant codes of practice.

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