A summer of LOVE at Porterhouse


It’s been a summer of LOVE at Porterhouse Medical Group this year – with no less than 109 LOVE Awards being given out within the Porterhouse family. So many in fact, we gave our Finance Manager a LOVE Award for the extra work involved in organising the huge number of awards 😊

The LOVE (Living Our Values Every Day) Award initiative was introduced in 2017, as we recognised that our talented people are our greatest asset and wanted to be able to ‘share the love’ internally to say ‘thank you’ to those colleagues who really live our core values.

The idea is to give something tangible to a colleague who has demonstrated the company values, gone ‘above and beyond’ to help the team, or made a great suggestion, so that they know that their contributions are valued.

LOVE Award nominations are announced at our weekly Town Halls and accompanied by Amazon vouchers for individuals who our employees feel have demonstrated our core values and deserve an award.

We believe that such gestures – which are small but heartfelt – show that we really care about our colleagues and enhance the experience of being part of the Porterhouse family.

Porterhouse PATH_core values

The work we do at Porterhouse is driven by our company values. These values – which emphasise Pride, Ambition, Togetherness and Humour in our work and daily lives – form our PATH, and are reflected in our approach to the recruitment, training and well-being of our teams.

Porterhouse Medical Group is hiring!  For opportunities to join our vibrant and valued teams – and join us on our PATH – visit: www.porterhousemedical.com/careers